Markets We Supply

New & Used Car Dealers

Consolidate your vendors. From shop supplies to motor oil to your janitorial supplies, we have a full line of items needed to help you run your dealer.

Repair Shops

We inventory many supplies needed for your service bays . Ask about our full synthetic oil solutions that can save you space and $.


From DEF to wiper blades, Cross Country has many items to help you service your fleet.


Soaps, Dressings, Brushes, we have an extensive line of reconditioning supplies.

Car Washes

Pre-soaks, Soaps, Triple Foams, Drying Agents along with many other items we carry for your car wash.

Body Shop & Collision Centers

From appearance products to brushes to tapes, we have an array of items you use for your shops.

Equipment Service

It takes a lot to maintain and service your equipment. From Hydraulic Fluid to Specific Lubricants, we can help you service your line with our inventory of items that meet manufacturer specifications.

Facility Maintenance

Have a business you need janitorial supplies for? Gloves for your production line? Safety supplies, office supplies, rock salt, you name it. We have a lot of items you use that we can deliver to you quickly at a competitive price.

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