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13w Fluorescent Work Light / Spotlight w/Single Outlet on 40ft Metal Reel

- Bayco
This Fluorescent Work Light Reel is a Fluorescent Work Light / Spotlight with nylon tipped double hooks attached to Heavy Duty Metal Reel with 40' of retractable 16/3 SJT cord. The work light uses a single 13 watt fluorescent bulb. The amount of light produced is similar to that of a 75 watt incandescent bulb but with a daylight color to it. Built into the handle is a single 10 amp grounded Single Outlet making it possible to power another tool or device directly from the handle. The electronic ballast provides instant, no-flicker cold weather starts. The work light is turned on/off by a single rocker switch. Includes mounting brackets that allow it to be attached to the wall or ceiling.
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