Adhesive Wheel Weight Rolls

3M™ Wheel Weight PN61403, 7mm x 15mm

3M™ Wheel Weight PN61403 is a 15 mm wide, lead-free, flexible, conformable, high profile weight used to balance tires. Cut to exact weight for better balance and ride, one product replaces dozens of clip-on weights. Corrosion and stain free, the wheel weight uses 3M™ Attachment Tape for superior performance.

3M™ Wheel Weight PN61403 is provided as a roll and designed to be cut to weight to meet your precision wheel balancing requirements. The 3M™ Wheel Weight System features industry-leading 3M™ Attachment Tape technology for dependable attachment. 3M's tape expertise, combined with the conformable wheel balancing material, provides an all-in-one, securely attached wheel weight balancing system.

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