Dexron 3/Mercon Multi-Purpose ATF

- Super S
Super S Multi-Purpose D/M ATF meets the GM DEXRON® IIIH specification, and may be used in a broad range of domestic and foreign transmissions where DEXRON® IIIG, DEXRON® IIE, DEXRON® II, DEXRON®, MERCON®, or Type A Suffix A transmission fluid is specified. It also meets the performance requirements of Allison C-3, C-4, Chrysler ATF-Plus, CAT TO-2 and anti-wear hydraulic fluid. It is used in cars, light and heavy duty trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, on- and off-highway vehicles and power steering systems. 12 Quarts/case
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Size:Drum, Qurts
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Brand:Super S
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