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Kendall® GT-1 Euro Full Synthetic Motor oil 5w30(euro)

- Kendall

Kendall GT-1 Euro (formerly known as GT-1 Full Synthetic Euro) is a premium quality, low-SAPS engine oil designed to provide maximum protection for European passenger cars under all operating conditions. Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen -- not your average vehicles, not your average engines. Why should your engine oil be any different? Kendall's Euro-Approved Full Synthetic Engine Oil is specifically designed to exceed the OEM-specifications of most European passenger vehicles. These oils are built as expertly as the engines they are meant to be employed in -- as such, they are the perfect fit for your European vehicle. This motor oil is recommended for other vehicles operating at extreme temperatures or under severe driving conditions, such as those subject to the towing of heavy loads. Kendall GT-1 Full Synthetic Euro is also recommended for use in many gasoline and light-duty diesel engines, including TDI diesel engines with unit injectors and select diesel engines equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPFs). Kendall GT-1 Full Synthetic Euro Motor Oil provides enhanced performance benefits when compared to conventional engine oils.

12 Quarts/Case

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