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FJC 6810 1 PACK(6) UV A/C DYE (R-1234YF)

The FJC 6810 UV Fluorescent Leak Detection Dye is specifically designed for use in R-1234yf automotive air conditioning systems. This 1 oz. bottle of dye is a critical tool for mechanics and DIY enthusiasts, offering a fast and accurate method to locate refrigerant leaks. By integrating with the A/C system's oil and refrigerant, the dye circulates and exits through leaks, revealing the exact location with a vivid fluorescent color under UV light. Compatible with standard UV lamps and glasses, FJC 6810 ensures quick detection, allowing for prompt repairs, and is essential for maintaining optimal A/C performance."
  • Compatibility: Designed for R-1234yf A/C systems
  • Usage: Use 1/4 oz. per 12 oz. of oil
  • Detection Method: Visible under UV light
  • Application: Mixes with oil and refrigerant to identify leaks
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