Super White Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease

- Sta-Lube

Super™ 14 oz. White Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease by Sta-Lube®. A high purity, NLGI Grade 1.5 multi-purpose white lithium grease. Provides superior lubrication & durability in any weather and most temperatures. Bright white in color. Ideal for when appearance is important. Contains anti-wear and anti-friction additives. Lithium base NLGI-2 grease with drop point of 350°F. Perfect for light duty applications where appearance matters. Applications: assembly lubes, bearings, break-in lubrication for bearings, cables, chains, chassis points, conveyor bearings, door tracks, garage door channels & openers, hinges, latches, machinery, open gears, overhead door tracks, roller bearings, sleeve bearings.

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