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Zep TKO Hand Cleaner

Odor Fragrance: Lemon Lime Color: Blue Zep TKO Industrial Hand Cleaner soothes hands with a smooth lanolin enriched water based formula while scrubbing pumice and heavy duty detergents clean deep to remove grease, paint, tar, ink, adhesives, oil and grime. Compatible with the D-4000 dispenser.
  • HEAVY-DUTY: This product contains pumice that cuts through dirt, grease and grime
  • NON-IRRITATING: TKO Hand Cleaner contains no solvents to dry out or irritate hands, which makes it a great all-weather formula
  • CONTAINS SYNTHETIC DETERGENTS: This product produces rich later but rinses freely without leaving soap film on hands
  • PLEASANT FRAGRANCE: Lemon-lime scent leaves hands with no lingering solvent odor
Gallon 4 per case


Pro-Tip: TKO is an excellent product for mechanics, printers, factory and industrial workers, repair and servicer personnel. Particularly useful in automotive parts stores, cleaning and maintenance services, industrial machinery manufacturers, automotive repair shops, commercial printers, new and used car dealers, building contractors, highway paving contractors and service stations. Best when used on wet hands.

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